MOTD and Rules
Adventure Terraria Server Project


Violation of server rules WILL result in consequences. etc: cheating or duplicating.
Questions? Problems? Go to the support channel in Discord and a staff will help you as soon as they can.
Your account will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity! Except for VIPs.
The Rules:
Take screenshots of your inventory weekly, or before you enter a dungeon.


ck out our website at and use more features.]
/register <password> then /login <password>.]
er your EMail-Address with /email so you can recover your password on loss.]
d the Guide for starters:]
d the /rules]
ar Event eligibility has changed, read the Rules for more information.]
ly temple entry and afk farm guidelines have altered, take a look to the signs at spawn.]
re are now mine-able meteorites scattered around the world.]
tel has been added so you can safely reach the NPC Hotel at any time.]