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About this Server

  • ServerSideCharacter enabled.
  • On Thursday hardmode will trigger when the Wall of Flesh is defeated on the server's current map, this continues until Sunday.
  • The server World is reset every Sunday, use Permanent Houses.
  • Make sure you read the server rules here to ensure you do not make any regrettable mistakes while enjoying your time on A.T.S.P.

Server details Server Discord
Port 7878
Channel Youtube #ingame


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Time Left Until Hardmode is Available

Time Left Until World Reset

Adventure - Art - Community
A.T.S.P. is excited to present THE Terraria adventure server! Explore our worlds while stockpiling gear, make yourself a home to show off your hard work and finally, experience hardmode on the weekend to put your effort to the test. If this does not satisfy your adventuring desires, explore our mazes, beat our custom dungeons and make further use of our gameplay-extending features such as advanced wiring, custom statues and many more!
Be secure
Chests and other valuable objects are automatically protected upon placement, you can also protect whole buildings from change using our anti-grief plugins.
Professionally made server
The server is neither a home server nor a Hamachi server, we're a dedicated 24/7 root server hosted and manned by experienced adults. The server is even staffed with it's own developers!
Help us out
Although it's our hobby to host this server and let others have fun, this still comes at a price every month. While we force nobody to donate, we would be extremely grateful if you did. To encourage users to do so, everyone who donates 5 Euros or more recieves the special in-game rank "VIP". VIPs have access to more commands than regular players, can make use of more statues, own unlimited Bank Chests and more... Depending on the Donation-Type. Click Here!
Give it a try, join us and have some fun!